All about iPod World

Simon Powell  first came up with the ipod Hoodie early last year.
” I had an ipod for a while. It had began to scratch quite a bit so I thought about getting a cover. Looking around, all I could find was a sea of bland latex skin cases. Being the creative person I’am , I felt compelled to set about creating my own unique cover. Something that sprang to mind was perhaps to dress my ipod…in a Hoodie!

ipod-worldThe concept of a miniaturized piece of clothing sounded appealing. I commissioned my mum to make a prototype, which turned out really well. To cut a long story short; after receiving a lot of encouraging feedback from friends I decided to make the push patent the Hoodie and start up my first business.”

Ashley invested all his own money into the project, sourced a UK manufacturer, built this very website and managed to accumulate a large amount of PR coverage as listed on the ‘press page’.
“Once I set up the site a month before Christmas, it was one mad rush. I didn’t get a break until Christmas day. After I began to get coverage in newspapers and on television I was forced to quit my two part-time jobs I had been working at in order to finance the business. I then had to employe a team of people dedicated to packing and dispatching the Hoodies to customers all over the country, and now all over the world!

I could never have for seen the success of the Hoodies. Its been an amazing experience; the biggest learning curve of my life. My advice to those young entrepreneurs out there is to have passion for your idea and really put all you have into it!

Simon has recently setup a Podcast ( Entrepreneur Cast) to give help and advice to other young entrepreneurs. It includes interviews with such respected business figures as Rachel Elnaugh from BBC’s ‘Dragons Den’