The Latest iPod Nano


The Really Small Big Screen

Use the high resolution, 2.5-inch multi touch display screen to watch movies, tv series and music videos.


The brilliant iPod nano has been around since September in 2005 posing as a replacement for the iPod mini. However, since then the iPod Nano has grown and now has 7 different generations/models.

The newest version has been described as the thinnest ever one, 40% thinner than the previous iPod, as well as this they introduced a new colour space grey which is a very cool addition.

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The iPod nano has come a long way from its first ever version with the 7th generation having  a significantly larger screen, double the amount of on board RAM and also most importantly double the amount of battery life.  Buy your in demand iPod skins today!

The first responses to the iPod nano were positive, selling its first batch of 1 million units of nanos in just 17 days which awarded apple a record billion dollars in profit. The iPod was Steve jobs idea of replacing the iPod mini as other products were catching up in terms of design and features.

All iPod’s gained an update from apple in 2015 which was used so it would rejuvenate the iPod and as well as that they introduced new colours in july of 2015 in a red special edition and slate.

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